More Than a Workspace: Host Your Next Event at WorkHub

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When you think of a coworking space, your mind probably doesn’t immediately go to crafty events like carving your name into a tumbler with a laser, getting a haircut, sitting in on a seminar about personal branding, learning how to create custom T-shirts, tasting wine from Napa Valley or hearing about the health benefits of a gluten-free diet.

But these are all examples of events that WorkHub has hosted – or will be hosting – at it’s Tyler, Texas location. Such is the benefit of having a multi-functional event space on the premises. The coworking community has an opportunity to participate in interesting and useful gatherings where they can connect with colleagues, learn something new or just have a nice time.

Or, you can host your own event.

At WorkHub, members and non-members alike can book our multifunctional space for their own professional or private events. Here are just a few examples of how people use us as more than a workspace:

Holiday parties and seasonal events

Company festivities give employees a chance to connect outside of work-related tasks and see each other more as people. With Halloween right around the corner, a costume competition, for instance, lets workers demonstrate their creativity – and even get their families involved with group costumes like Russian nesting dolls or a hoard of zombies.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are also coming in hot, and before you know it, you’ll need to make arrangements for your holiday parties (if you haven’t already). The WorkHub workspace has all the amenities you need to host your next holiday banger, or just a casual get together to build camaraderie among your employees. Ever see the casino night episode of The Office? Think that, but for your organization.


WorkHub is home to more than one nonprofit organization, and countless companies that pride themselves on giving back to the community.

Whether you’re attempting to raise money for a work-related cause, or you’re a community organizer, our event space can accommodate your fundraising event.

All-staff training

Maybe you just had a hiring spree. Perhaps a new regulation that affects business as usual requires a thorough reevaluation of your company workflows. Or maybe, you’re just in an industry that requires a lot of ongoing training events.

Whatever the case, hotels will usually charge hundreds of dollars an hour to host all-staff training events. Whether you’re a member here, or your own office space lacks a shared area that’s large enough to host an all-company meeting or training event, WorkHub’s event space has plenty of room, and all the amenities you might need for your organization’s gathering.

We have a 150-person event space, as well as several smaller conference rooms where you can host your event.

Guest speakers, seminars and conferences

Hosting a hiring event? Want to give a company-wide keynote address? Need a professional setting for a guest speaker at your company? The WorkHub event space has ample stadium-style seating, an 11-foot projector screen, surround-sound audio, great acoustics, cooking stations and a dining area.

Everything you need to host a highly successful thought-leadership event is right there in one space. If needed, we also have smaller conference rooms that can supplement the event, or be used for smaller-scale seminars and gatherings.

School-related gathering

Student organizations from local educational institutions of all levels in the Tyler area are welcome to rent our space for school-related functions. We can fit up to 150 people, which makes it ideal for student organization gatherings such as open-mic nights, film screenings, author meet and greets and other events.

Our event space and conference rooms can also be booked for focus groups, group project gatherings and other academic events. Also keep in mind that we welcome any and all students to use our coworking amenities at a 10% discount.

Personal parties, gatherings and whatever else you need

You don’t have to be part of a business or student group to host your event at WorkHub. We open our doors to the most important organization of all – family and friends.

From graduation parties to family reunions, monthly book-club meetings, volunteer organization meet ups, a cooking seminar – you tell us what your event is, and we’ll tell you if and when we can host it.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your get-together in one of our event spaces. In the meantime, check out our WorkHub event space video to learn more.


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