Embracing the Feng Shui of Focus and Productivity at WorkHub

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Places have power. They influence your sense of what’s possible, where you can and cannot go, what you can and cannot do, and how confined or liberated you feel.

Most people intuitively understand this. For example, an open layout with sunlight pouring in through the windows obviously has more pleasant energy than, say, a cramped, windowless cubicle under the vigil of buzzing florescent lights. The former feels like a haven for free-flowing ideas, the latter a bit like interrogation quarters.

Some of this is subjective. But a lot of it isn’t. Multiple studies support the notion that high ceilings improve creativity. Recent research also suggests that natural lighting improves health and wellness, and ultimately boosts productivity (because most people do their best work when they feel at their best, right?).

The question for employers, freelancers and everyone in the working world, then, is this: What are you doing to improve the feng shui of your office environment?

Take a lesson from a WorkHub regular, and make your office yours

On a normal workday, you’ll find Christine Knight plugging away at her keyboard at the the WorkHub coworking space in Tyler, Texas.

Yes, her’s is technically a shared work environment, but she’s carved out a space within a setting to call her own.

“My space is a mixture of textures and images which reflect my eclectic personality and personal preferences,” Knight explained. “Examples include a cowhide rug, a jute pouf for footstool, woven linen chair, soft pillow pile for floor lounging and meditation, sepia pics of my girls, drawings, snacks in the drawer, and matching bamboo table lamps to soften the lighting.”

These are things that Knight likes, and that make her feel more at home in her office. But they’re also necessities for helping her get into the right head space to endure long hours of focus and productivity.

“Comfort is paramount for extended periods of work,” Knight said. “As a writer about grief, beautiful lines and feminine touches make the topic more palatable as the hours progress.”

An example of one of those lines is a quote from Tolstoy that reads, “Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing themselves.” Each month it’s a different passage.

Everything in Knight’s nook is deliberately selected with the purpose of creating an environment where she can do her best work.

“Every texture, color, material and fabric was a choice based on comfort and preference,” Knight said.

And that’s exactly how it should be. The ancient art of feng shui is about cultivating positive energy in a physical setting. Some of the fundamental aspects of feng shui might include using natural colors to promote tranquility, incorporating plant life and reducing clutter. But the end goal is what’s most important, and that’s to bring a sense of harmony to the environment.

WorkHub made that easy for Knight.

“They welcomed my creativity and allowed my space to feel like mine,” she said.

Choice is queen at WorkHub

Knight has the freedom to create a work environment where she can thrive, but she also has opportunities to step away when she needs to.

Because having a dedicated workplace that you can continually go back and get into focus mode is great, but so is the ability to change your scenery when you need to work on a particular task or think something over. Maybe you want to be in cozy space with few distractions when you’re hammering out your expense reports. Alternatively, you might crave a more open, spacious, active environment while you’re mulling over an ad pitch. Or maybe you just need place to walk and clear your head.

The beauty of coworking is that you get the best of both worlds. Knight has an office that she describes as “private but spacious at the same time.” But she also has access to a smorgasbord of shared workspaces and amenities that make it easy for her to disconnect or just step away for a change of scenery.

“The centralized kitchen, walking track, gym, private chat rooms, meditation room and locker rooms makes taking a break or connecting with others easy,” Knight said. “My community at Workhub is extraordinary.”

Take the virtual tour

WorkHub is right for Knight, but to decide if a place is right for you, you’ll need to see it first. No need to get up, though! Just click here to begin your virtual tour of our Tyler, Texas workplace.


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