You know what I love about grand openings? The newness; new carpet, new pillows, new tables, fresh paint, shiny coffee cups, and fresh furniture. I also love that it means you get to be the first; the first to see it, the first to walk the floors, the first to make a memory, and perhaps, the first to spill a glass of red wine… Lord forbid. So, in these hours before our grand opening, I hope you are sharing in our excitement; the excitement of walking through the doors of this creative coworking space for the FIRST time. I cannot wait to see the firsts of this place; first party, first selfie, first conference room meeting, first brainstorm, first business break through, first happy hour, first member lunch. For some reason, the song “Beautiful Things” by Gungor comes to mind. I think it may be because its central message is about making beautiful things out of dust…newness from old…which defines WorkHub. Something old into something new, something grand.

So, in these last hours before the grand opening, imagine what could be in this flexible workspace. What might be your firsts? Perhaps it will be your first sale, meeting your first business partner, creating your first design, writing your first book, poem, or song, or for the first time, mentoring a struggling entrepreneur here at WorkHub. The future and our doors, quite literally, are open wide to you and the many firsts waiting to happen.