Lara Eastburn of Lara Eastburn Digital is many things. A lifetime entrepreneur, a mother of two, a hula-hoop expert, a fiercely loyal friend, a bad mama jama in the world of social media advertising—the list could go on for days. One of the things we get the most excited about (very selfishly) is that she is a member of WorkHub.

Sitting down for a half hour with Lara never fails to be entertaining. These are some pearls that I gathered from my thirty minutes with her.

Her first entrepreneurial venture started at age twelve. In Southern Mississippi, the tween trend of the moment was hair bows that were as large as the wearers head. With a sparkle of DIY enthusiasm, Lara got her first capital loan from the toughest lender around… her mother. Cash in hand, she was off to the ribbon store.  Everything was on the line, and the stakes were HIGH. The First National Bank of Mom was seeking immediate repayment of the $100 business loan. Lara met with the local mall manager to discuss a pop-up sales event. He was a sympathetic audience and took a chance on a young entrepreneur. She had one day and one day only to make good on her loan repayment—and hopefully pad her pockets with an additional profit.  It happened. She prevailed! Her one-day sale cash box held just over $100 when the last mall shopper scurried out the door. From that moment on Lara was hooked. The thrill, the anxiety, the fear of failure, the glory of triumph. Here began her lifelong journey as an entrepreneur.

Fast forward to today. Lara is currently the Founder and Head Honcho at Lara Eastburn Digital where she consults and conspires to demystify social media marketing for all types of businesses around the globe. Lara’s specialty is honing into Facebook/Instagram advertising algorithms and figuring out how to get sponsored posts in front of the most eyeballs—and the right eyeballs—so that she can help businesses convert viewers of the ad into users of the product.

“Social media marketing has gotten so complicated. It now takes a business thousands of dollars just to be effective. It’s a shame because it’s really the most powerful thing a small business can do. With my expertise, it can be affordable. I like to say it’s rocket science—but it’s the kind of rocket science that I dig.”

In all of her experiences and business ventures, Lara knows one thing to be consistent. She has always been the most successful when she was just herself and spoke to people not as a business-savvy robot, but as Lara Eastburn. Currently, Lara’s tagline is “Speak Human, Win the Internet.” Every day she helps businesses shed their “virtual business suits” and speak on a level that is relatable and understood by all.

Speak Human came from a book that I read, which is funny because I never read business books, and I thought ‘Yesssss! This is what I’m talking about!’ It was all about how corporations can’t do that and small businesses can.”

I leave you with some final thoughts by Lara. Here’s her little snippet of advice for future/burgeoning entrepreneurs.

“If I could go back and tell myself anything that would have made my business journey easier from the get-go, it’s this. Nobody gets where they want to go ALONE. I wish it hadn’t taken me so long to seek out and surround myself with people I could learn and get support from! I wish I’d sought a mentor earlier, invested in coaching earlier, and made connections with other small business owners earlier.

I found myself so often reinventing the wheel when I didn’t need to. Now, those supportive relationships are the single most effective reason I make smarter decisions and don’t get burnt out (as often). AND I can now trace nearly all of my clients back to referrals from the first handful of people who believed in me and offered me their hands when I was just getting started.”

To continue the conversation with Lara and seek her expertise on social media marketing for your business you can always reach out and schedule some time to grab a cup of coffee with her at WorkHub—or you can chat her up on Facebook.