Making Dreams Come True with Rusty Jackson

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Rusty Jackson of AmCap Home Loans is a Mortgage Consultant with a personality as substantial as his stature. He specializes in getting his clients the financing they need to purchase their dream home, starter home, and anything in between. He goes above and beyond to turn home ownership dreams a reality. His company, AmCap Home Loans, has their headquarters in Houston. Rusty is the only member of his team based here in East Texas. Because of that, he chose to make WorkHub his remote home office. We are incredibly grateful because it delights us to see his infectious smile when he walks through our doors on his mission to get you the financing you need to cross your very own threshold. 

Rusty graduated from UT Tyler with an undergrad degree in Industrial Technology. So what does one do with a degree in Industrial Technology? Well, one of his long-time friends encouraged Rusty to look into getting his license to become a Mortgage Consultant. This sounded like a risky choice to a recent grad with bills to pay since their income is 100% commission. Rusty wanted to get out in the world and see what other options existed that involved a more reliable paycheck. 

From there, Rusty landed a job building custom homes. That served him well until home building screeched to a halt in the housing market crisis of 2008. After that,  it was off to the oilfield. Oilfield life was great from a monetary standpoint. He was making the money but had very little free time to actually enjoy the fruits of his labor, and he rarely saw his friends, family, or even his own home in Tyler. 

 All Rusty’s time and travel away from Tyler opened his eyes to the old adage, “there’s no place like home.” After eight years of working some serious hours and arduous physical labor, he decided to have another conversation with that same friend from college who had approached him after graduation about getting into the mortgage industry. This time Rusty was singing a very different tune at the prospect of coming home every night and being able to build a life in the same zip code where his mail was being sent. 

“When I was in the oilfield people used to ask me where I lived. I would usually just point to my truck in response. I paid a mortgage in Tyler, Texas, but I was only home occasionally. That was really my motivation for making a change. I wanted more out of life.”

Rusty and Amanda at a Celebrity Chef Event

Rusty got the appropriate certification, put in the time shadowing his boss, soaked up all the knowledge he possibly could, attended real estate networking mixers, and did everything in his power to make sure he was a success in his new field. Consequently, things were also really starting to look up in his personal life. At one of the first real estate mixers that Rusty attended, he met his now wife, Amanda. 

Ever since then, life has been grand! All the back and forth with the client, getting all their financial information, crunching the numbers, snagging the best interest rates in an ever-fluctuating market… those are all important pieces of Rusty’s day-to-day, but the end result of getting the keys in the hands of an excited home buyer is what Rusty loves most about his job. 

“Once we get through the roller coaster of the mortgage process and sign all the paperwork on closing day, I love seeing the happiness on the client’s face. I love seeing the joy they experience in achieving the American Dream of home ownership.”

The thing that serves Rusty best in his line of work is his larger-than-life personality. He is one of those people that has never met a stranger. That really comes in handy when your job is dealing with people’s sensitive financial information and being trusted with the largest purchase they will probably ever make in their lifetime. If you need verification of this, you can check out the customer reviews on his Facebook page. Rusty is a 5-star kind of guy who is known for his integrity and going above and beyond to make the mortgage process smooth and seamless from start-to-finish. 

Rusty chose WorkHub as his coworking space due to the fact that AmCap Home Loans headquarters is in Houston. Rusty is currently the only team member in the East Texas area. When he and his boss were shopping for workspace, they knew their search had ended when they visited the WorkHub location. 

“AmCap is looking to grow. This space works out great for me and it’s also an amazing location for when we expand our team. It’s allowed us to keep our expenses low by sharing overhead. I’ve really enjoyed working here.”

When Rusty reflects on his professional endeavors, he does see the humor in being presented with the option to enter into the mortgage business when he had first graduated from college. Sure, that might have been the easier road and he could now have over 15 years of experience instead of 5, but the other industries he got to experience do give him a deeper appreciation for everything he currently has. 

“Hindsight is definitely 20/20.  Even with the fluctuation in my business that I have seen with all the unexpected events of this year, it is still more stable than what I’ve experienced as a home builder or in the oilfield.”

A skill that Rusty is constantly working to improve is one that plagues many of us. Time management. Especially in his line of work, he never knows when there will be additional questions from clients, more paperwork that is needed, a drastic change in a client’s income due to a furlough caused by an unexpected global pandemic… the list goes on and on.  When Rusty’s to-do list is getting larger instead of shrinking, he’s learned a skill that helps him regain control and create momentum in the right direction.

“Sometimes we think multitasking is a great thing when it’s actually just slowing us down. There is a big benefit to shutting your phone off or taking a step away from the emails that are coming in to focus on and finish the task at hand.”

Hunting Doves in Argentina

When Rusty isn’t hard at work crunching numbers and making dreams come true, you can find him decked out in a “Kiss the Cook” apron manning the grill in his backyard while Amanda is in the kitchen whipping up some delicious sides. Quarantine life has been pretty effortless for Rusty and Amanda with their posh backyard set up complete with cozy patio furniture, a hot tub, and a TV. Rusty also loves to travel and has been missing that in the last few months. His favorite trip has been getting to check Argentina off his bucketlist and experience their world-famous dove hunts, amazing cuisine, and delicious Argentinian Malbec! 

Interest rates are currently at an all-time low. If you are thinking about pulling the trigger and purchasing a home of your own and need financing, Rusty is your guy. Give him a call at 903-714-2480 and set up a meeting to come chat with him at WorkHub about what type of loan would work best for you!



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