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Jun 3, 2020 | Blog | 2 comments

For almost three years now, WorkHub member, Daniel David, has worked remotely for a small Dallas/Fort Worth based software company called AdvanceNet.  The company is what some call a “tech for good” company, as described by Daniel.  “We see ourselves as an impact-driven business rather than being profit-driven,” he explains.  AdvanceNet primarily focuses on providing software that provides or enhances the education of adults who are in poverty or those working or volunteering, for non-profit organizations.

Within the company, Daniel’s title is Manager of Operations and Technology, but since the company is still small and nimble, he is often the “multi-hat guy” who does a bit of everything and his role has shifted multiple times as projects or challenges come and go. He elaborates:

For the past ten months, my primary responsibility has been as the product manager for a new solution we have developed called WorkReady Mobile. It is a web and app-based system that is used as an engagement tool between community colleges and their adult students. These adult students have different challenges than your typical college student, so it requires a unique solution to keep them engaged so they complete their educational goals and improve their lives.

Daniel shares AdvanceNet’s mission statement as integral to his drive to stay engaged with his work each day; it means something to him to see it through in all his tasks. “AdvanceNet Technology Services leverages technology to build solutions for the education, financial, and workforce transformation sectors to empower people, empower businesses, and strengthen communities.”  Daniel believes there is a lot of potential for good through AdvanceNet since, as he shares, “we have realistic goals of impacting over one million students through our solutions by the end of 2022.”

When asked what led Daniel to his career with AdvanceNet, he explains that it is a bit of a long story but the short version is that he felt an inner hunger as he was completing college to make an impact on society on serve people in a meaningful way.  “I was connected with a guy at a non-profit in my degree field, who hired me on; I worked for that organization for 8 years,” Daniel recalls.  “and I got to work with many organizations and travel the world a bit in the process.”  After the organization closed, that guy, Daniel’s current boss Keith Thode, started AdvanceNet and then hired Daniel on a few years later.

Daniel describes his core motivation for this job as rooted in his faith and desire to make an impact in the lives of others.  “As a Christian, I look at the life of Jesus as my model in all of my life roles,” Daniel offers, “as His example and teaching provides me with the motivation to make my career about making a difference in this world.”  It is this combination of faith, passion, and purpose-driven drive that keeps Daniel working towards his professional goals and projects with AdvanceNet.

Even deeper than his professional purpose, Daniel’s personal calling to serve his wife and children knows no bounds.  “Beyond my faith and desire for impact and excellence, I am motivated by the stewardship role that I have as a husband and father,” he shares.  “I am responsible to support my family and demonstrate what it means to lead well while serving others.”

Daniel David with his wife, Julie, and their three children

Daniel reveals part of his role with AdvanceNet is to be the company “mindfulness coach.” Since all employees are remote workers, he accomplishes this through writing a “weekly-ish,” as he puts it, message with content on encouragement, leadership, or mindfulness topics. Recently, he decided to turn these messages into a blog, again perpetuating his personal mission to serve with purpose, which can be accessed here.

Daniel finds inspiration everywhere around him through his colleagues and people served by the mission of AdvanceNet, his family, and is also through the “encouragement and affirmation of my colleagues and friends, some of which are right here at Work Hub,” he remarks.  Of WorkHub, Daniel expounds:

I work remotely for a company in DFW, my wife works part time, and I have three young children, so I need to work outside of the house at least some of the time. It is also good for me personally to go somewhere else to work and then go home to be with my family. I started going to a different co-working space in town but moved to Work Hub as soon as it opened because it was much closer to my house.

Business wise, connections and networking opportunities through Work Hub provided three customer contracts, according to Daniel, and he says he has taken in valuable business advice and training through the members and events. “The business benefits of being here has far outweighed the cost of the membership,” he ascertains.  Daniel’s favorite aspects of Work Hub are the great friendships he developed that he would have missed out on if he worked from home or a coffee shop.  In addition, he says “the staff is super friendly and accommodating; they are always looking for ways to serve the members.”  Daniel’s own service-based mission gives him a keen eye for perceiving that same quality in others.

Of the amenities offered at WorkHub, Daniel says he values the flexibility to move around the huge space to find just the right place to work on any given day and move around he does.  Sometimes, you might find him in the Flexi-Space out in the open while other days, he sets up shop under the beautiful Pergola.  “I use the FitHub (WorkHub’s in house gym) almost every day I am here and my muscular fitness has greatly improved because of the opportunity to lift weights throughout my work day,” Daniel shares.

A remarkable member who adds value in an abundance of ways throughout the WorkHub space, Daniel David wraps up his sharing with a list of three quotes that most inspire him.  Of course, he wanted to make an impact on you, the reader, by sharing them here:

  • “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Colossians 3:23
  • “The best thing you can offer your family (or company) is a healthy, happy, well-adjusted Daniel.” – quote from a mentor and friend, Dr. Gilliam.
  • “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

WorkHub is grateful to have Daniel David doing business, and so much more, in our co-working space.


  1. Hannah

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, I feel inspired to get a membership at WorkHub after reading this!

    • Miranda Asmussen

      We are so glad you felt inspired, Hannah! Come by for a free day pass and let us show you around. We love to help aspiring entrepreneurs get integrated with like-minded, inspiring people.


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