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Brian Brandt, CEO of Core Insights, is always up for a challenge. He is one of those individuals who thrives in tough situations that most shy away from. When others are stepping out, Brian is stepping up. His previous roles in leadership helped him pave the way to his current position at the helm of an organization that is focused on helping other businesses and individuals be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. We are so proud to have a resource like Brian coworking at WorkHub

Brian has a wealth of professional experience. He started working at the ripe age of 12 and hasn’t stopped since.  Brian’s professional roles vary from college tennis coach to holding leadership roles at Kanakuk Kamps and Sky Ranch, to National Sales Director at an internet startup, to being an Executive Pastor at Grace Community Church. During his time in those positions, he made connections and developed high-level leadership skills that made for an easy transition into a role where he provides organizations and individuals with professional development to help enrich them both professionally and personally.   

The genesis of Core Insights happened with a training seminar that Brian was asked to facilitate at Mentoring Minds here in Tyler. He did such a fantastic job that a conversation started around how essential receiving quality professional development was for businesses to grow their employees—which would then grow the organization. It wasn’t long before Core Insights was created with Brian leading the charge as CEO. Core Insights is now the official East Texas provider of Dale Carnegie training sessions. Brian’s passion around leadership and helping others cultivate their own leadership skills originated during his experience in various leadership roles throughout his professional career and culminated when he received his Master’s Degree in Global Leadership. 

“I love to see people change, people grow, and help organizations become more than what they are and serve more people in a deeper way than they currently are.”

Business for Core Insights does look a bit different these days. With so many still working remotely and in quarantine mode, Brian has shifted to providing more virtual training sessions. Brian and his team have had to become creative in their adaption of presentation styles in order to ensure the training experience is just as impactful virtually as it is face-to-face. 

“Prior to COVID, we intentionally did not do much work virtually.  I believed it was nearly impossible to recreate the experiences, whether it be training or planning or team building, in a virtual world—but I have really  been amazed at the results we see through these online, active sessions.”  

Brian’s advice to other professionals is to learn and never stop learning. The most impactful growth in his own professional development has occurred through mentorship. Brian still considers himself a work in progress and has been blessed with having many accomplished mentors through the years that helped him develop skills that were pre existing as well as skills he had not yet tapped into but knew would be pivotal in achieving his goals.

Brian has recently co-authored a book called Blind Spots: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You. This book is focused on helping the reader identify and deal with behaviors, attitudes, and habits they may not even be aware of that keep them from being their best self. The content dives into  hidden issues that could be impacting the reader’s potential and reveals 11 proven strategies to overcome blind spots. Brian has witnessed unacknowledged blind spots deter so many from reaching their goals and full potential. This book is a great way to become more self aware and know what can be done to remove obstacles of our own creation from getting in the way of success. 

“We have to be brave enough to identify the things in our lives that we cannot see, and we have to be courageous enough to be there for others and help them identify their blind spots.”

Brian has taken full advantage of the extra time that this period of quarantine carved out and decided to do all the things he was dreaming of but never had the bandwidth for. He is currently working on another book that is more geared towards the nonprofit sector and their business needs. Brian spent a great deal of his professional career in nonprofit organizations and still has a huge dedication to philanthropy. He decided it was time to craft a book to help with their specific business needs. We can look forward to that being released in the near future.  

Brian & Family

Other hobbies that Brian enjoys are mountain biking, tennis, and cooking delicious meals with his beautiful family. Another great discovery that has come from life slowing down a bit during quarantine has been audiobooks! Brian has found that they are the perfect way for a lifetime learner who is always on the go to absorb information. Brian knocks out at least one audiobook a week now where he previously had only listened to two in his lifetime.

Brian’s favorite things about utilizing WorkHub as his remote workspace are the camaraderie he’s built up with his fellow coworkers and the fitness perks that WorkHub offers its members. Brian loves to take a few laps around the elevated walking track when he’s on phone calls or stop in the fitness center to pump some iron and get his day started on the right note. I imagine him doing sets while jamming “Eye of the Tiger” in order to bring the Rocky-like level of intensity that Brian requires of himself every day, but he did not confirm that!

If your business or nonprofit organization has a need for further development in leadership, mentoring, behavioral styles (DiSC), team building, effective communication, delegation, media relations, community relations or bringing a vision to fruition Brian would be an amazing resource to connect with. Shoot him an email at brian@coreinsightsleadership.com and stop by WorkHub for a few laps around the walking track and a conversation to see how he can help you reach your organizational goals. 



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