How to Plan Corporate Team-Building Activities in a Coworking Space

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Not all team-building events are created equal. Some are expensive, poorly organized and ineffective. Others have the potential to go down in a company’s collective memory as a fun, memorable and sincerely valuable experience that people can’t stop talking about.

Curious about how to organize a team-building event that leaves a lasting impact? Here’s an overview of what makes for a great corporate team-building activity — and why a shared workspace like WorkHub might be the perfect venue for your next team event.

Establishing goals for corporate team-building activities

Writing for Harvard Business Review, Carlos Valdes-Dapena has suggested that extravagant, offsite events and activities can be costly and ineffective — especially if they’re focused more on entertainment and less on clearly articulated goals.

For one of Valdes-Dapena’s employers, collaboration “was an idealized but vague goal with no concrete terms or rules. What’s more, collaboration was perceived as messy. It diluted accountability and offered few tangible rewards.”

After surveying employees, he discovered that internal motivations and external metrics revolved around doing independent work well. Instead of jetting off for an elaborate team-building retreat that made a minimal impact, the organization changed its approach.

Their next corporate team-building activity focused on simply discussing key questions around the value of collaboration and its role in meeting key business objectives. Identifying specific tasks that were ripe for collaboration was also central to the conversation.

This case study shows that you don’t need to produce complicated team-building programs to see results. Simply carving out time to bring a small or large group together around something important to the organization can leave a lasting impression.

Benefits of corporate team-building

Whatever emphasis you place on your next team-building exercise, Forbes contributor Brian Scudamore has recommended focusing on “creating opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways, outside of regular meetings or presentations.”

According to HR Morning, team activities can help organizations:

  • Encourage creative thinking and boost problem solving skills.
  • Break down boundaries and build trust across the organizational hierarchy.
  • Identify and cultivate leadership skills and other “hidden” strengths.
  • Promote cross-department communication and collaboration.
  • Increase employee engagement and morale with fun team-building experiences.

Activities for team-building events

Once you establish the primary goal for your next corporate event, you’ll have a better idea of how to plan out the day’s activities. But here are a few ideas to get you started:

Topical discussions

Like the aforementioned HBR example, you could present team members with challenging questions. This type of activity can turn a good team into a great team.

A Psychology Today article on teamwork has suggested creating conditions under which colleagues can disagree with each other. A healthy amount of debate and conflict can result in broadened perspectives, new ways of thinking and increased motivation to work smarter.

Training programs

Why not turn your next training session into a team-building experience? Interactive training workshops can serve double-duty, providing each individual with new skills and knowledge while strengthening team dynamics.

At a coworking space, you can even sign up your team for one of the many professional development programs on the events calendar. This can be advantageous for companies without the time and resources to plan. You won’t have to plan activities yourself, and you can focus on leading a follow-up discussion over coffee.

Social events

It’s important to remember that not every team-building event needs to have a serious focus on skillbuilding or ironing out organizational kinks. It can be equally beneficial to organize social bonding events with the goal of having fun! These just-for-fun group activities can encourage team bonding, bring colleagues closer together on a personal level and augment company culture.

If your goal is to encourage your colleagues to let loose and have fun, you can organize a happy hour, game night, team lunch or party to celebrate a major milestone. Better yet, poll your team to see what they’d enjoy most.

Problem-solving activities

There are dozens of classic team-building games and problem-solving challenges that will get everyone laughing and thinking outside the box as they scramble to complete a timed task. Most of these involve some kind of hands-on creative activity wherein success is dependent on good communication and collaboration.

You could try a scavenger hunt, escape room, marshmallow tower competition, etc. Or, prompt small groups to come up with skits or puzzles of their own.

Corporate team-building in a coworking space

A coworking space like WorkHub in Tyler, Texas, can offer everything you need to organize a memorable team-building event. If you’re part of a dynamic team, you can work from private offices, dedicated desk or hot desk during the workweek — and when it comes time for something different, you’ll have plenty of options.

With a coworking membership, you can book a meeting room whenever you want. There’s no need to pay extra for a larger space you’ll only use every so often, as you might with a traditional office rental. With a variety of layouts including boardroom-style spaces and classroom-inspired settings, WorkHub can accommodate all types of team activities.

Additionally, with access to shared amenities like AV equipment, free coffee and more, your onsite corporate team-building event will be more cost-effective and convenient than an off-site experience.

Schedule a tour of WorkHub to see how a coworking space can support your business needs!


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