How Coworking Spaces Change the Game for Business

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Coworking is redefining work culture as we know it

In the ’60s, cubicles were introduced as part of an “Action Office” initiative by design company Herman Miller. Their purpose was to facilitate flexibility in the workplace. For many employees, they did the opposite and are now abhorred by millions. Even Robert Propst, the creator, has called his invention “monolithic insanity.”

Love them or hate them, though, cubes became emblematic of white-collar work from the 1960s until recently. Entire generations or people grew up with depictions (e.g., “Office Space”) of workplaces as gray, square, lifeless and uninspired.

But despite – or maybe in spite – of this, a lot has changed in the past decade. Open-area workspaces have become more common. Teleworking has taken off. Companies like Google now offer employees free wine and on-site daycare. Company culture is a priority.

Most notably, though, an entirely new type of office space has emerged, one that is the very antithesis of the classic, corporate cubicle.

Coworking spaces have exploded onto the scene. And as anyone who’s ever set foot in WorkHub’s Tyler, Texas space, knows, it’s a gamechanger.

Here’s why:

1. Cost-effectiveness and scalability

Whether you’re a small agency or a corporate business unit, money can be a barrier between you and the workspace of your dreams. Coworking space helps maximize the distance of your dollar with flexible monthly pricing – no unwieldy upfront capital expenses necessary. Businesses that don’t want to commit to long-term leases can provide a well-maintained space for their employees, one that scales with them as they grow.

Also, you get more than just an office when you become a member of a coworking space. Your money buys you a 24/7 workspace, a place to convene on the weekends or after work for business events, utilities, high-speed internet, a business center, conference rooms, access to kitchen supplies and a wide variety of other amenities.

2. Amenities galore

Speaking of which, beyond the basics, the price of membership at WorkHub’s coworking space may include:

  • Delicious bottomless coffee from Coffee City USA.
  • A fitness center.
  • A walking track.
  • Access to on-site, drop-in daycare.
  • Event space.
  • Career-building events and programming.
  • Plenty of opportunities to network with other professionals.
  • Beer from True Vine Brewing Company.
  • Much more.

Our coworking philosophy is simple: If you’re going to spend 40-plus hours a week in a space, it should be in a space that you like.

3. A respectful community

A misconception about coworking is that you sacrifice your privacy, or risk being in an environment where your employees might have trouble focusing, and that just isn’t true. Firstly, companies have the option to rent private offices within the otherwise open-area workspace. Additionally, there are plenty of creative spaces to unwind and take breaks.

But more to the point, the people who go to workspaces during business hours go there to be productive and focus. They’re respectful of those around them. The fact that they have the opportunity to network and make friends with other professionals at the gym, in line at the cafe, in the shared lunch spaces or while grabbing a beer at 3:30 is just a really great perk of being in a community-driven workplace.

4. Choices

By far, this is the most important item on this list. The traditional office settings of the ’80s and the ’90s were defined by cubicles and enclosed spaces. And while that works for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone.

The beauty of coworking spaces is that the businesses that set up shop there give their employees options to work how they want and when they want to work. There are team suites, private offices, shared dedicated desks and lounge areas where creativity flourishes.

If anything, this gives professionals a chance to strengthen their work identity by introducing them to new formats, and letting them choose an option that works best for their productivity, creativity and overall workplace satisfaction..

Work your way at WorkHub

If the stuffy workplaces of yore served as an example of how not to create an energetic and inspiring workplace, coworking is the opposite: It’s a template for how businesses can achieve workplace satisfaction. Not to mention, it sets a better example for future generations of workers.

Since opening its doors, WorkHub has prided itself on being a total gamechanger. And with our one-year anniversary having just passed, we have plenty to celebrate.

That’s why we’re offering the second month free when you sign up by August 31.

Don’t miss this chance to change the way you work for the better.


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