How Coworking Space Augments Company Culture

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WorkHub member Amber Jones explains how WorkHub has benefited her business. It’s an interesting question: How does a coworking space affect company culture?

Especially for businesses that have traditionally occupied a private office space, there can be concern that the culture of the community will co-opt the company’s identity. They fear that, in exchange for affordable, low-maintenance office-space, they’ll lose the unity of culture that defines their business.

But in reality, your culture is about your company’s mission, its values and its people. Coworking spaces just provide the amenities, forums and resources – the setting or foundation – upon which you cultivate your culture.

A community is made up of many cultures

Another way of looking at this is that communities can be – and almost always are – comprised of many cultures. Likewise, a coworking space is shared among multiple businesses that are defined more by what they do than where they work.

Every business in a coworking space might vary wildly in terms of factors such as:

  • Mission statement or statement of values
  • Use of technology.
  • Personal growth opportunities.
  • Remote working flexibility.
  • Vacation policy.
  • After-hour events.
  • Charities.
  • Sustainability initiatives.

And if you ask most generations of professionals, they’ll tell you that factors such as these are for more important than maintaining an insular company culture.

Case in point, 80% of millennials say that personal growth is the most important factor when starting a new job. For Gen X – a generation that is currently raising kids and helping take care of their parents – flexible family leave policies are the top consideration. Coworking has zero bearing on either of these cultural priorities.

What you do get from a coworking space, though, are flexible working conditions that suit your employees’ needs, free coffee, a gym, in-building daycare, 24/7 access, an event space and, most importantly, networking and collaboration opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

In other words, you get the best of your company culture, paired with the perks of being part of a bigger professional community.

But don’t take it from us …

Amber Jones is the sales manager for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Anderson Properties. She and the 26 realtors she manages have been members at WorkHub in Tyler, Texas, since September 2018.

“We’ve made some great connections with incredible people who are also members of WorkHub.”

And so far, they’ve taken full advantage of the flexible working setups, opting for Coffee Shop, FlexiSpace and Private Office memberships.

Jones will be the first to admit that the change of scenery did not go unnoticed:

“Coworking is definitely a change of pace for some of our realtors who have been in the business for over 20 years,” she explained.

But in the same breath, she added, “We’ve made some great connections with incredible people who are also members of WorkHub.”

In this case, Jone’s connections have led directly to business collaboration.

“For example, we’ve been able to hire a photographer who is a member; we’ve met roofing professionals, business coaches and marketing professionals who are also members,” Jones said.

Other relationships, meanwhile, have potential to be even more meaningful.

“We’ve also met individuals who could potentially be lifelong friends and clients.”

For Jones, being part of a community has clearly added to her company culture, both professionally and in terms of her overall workplace experience.

“Some of our favorite amenities are other informational meetings, seminars and events that we are invited to attend, the conference rooms for our training sessions and monthly sales meetings, the gym facilities and showers,” she said.

“And of course Beer 30!”

Become part of the community

At the end of the day, your company is so much more than where it sets up shop. But where it works – and the community it becomes a part of it – can make its culture that much better.

Take the virtual tour today to see what your new office could look like.


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