Fearlessly Self Made with Donte McClendon

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Donte McClendon took a huge leap of faith when he stepped away from his stable, high-producing sales position at a Fortune 500 company and rolled the dice—betting everything he had—on himself. It turned out to be the best gamble he ever took. Donte is now a successful, self-made Residential Real Estate Investor at Soteria Investment Group. When his career started taking off, Donte needed a workspace that could be as flexible as he wanted it to be and grow as he did, and WorkHub fit the bill perfectly. 

Donte has always been incredibly family focused. His corporate sales job was lucrative, but the demanding schedule required him to make some big sacrifices as far as time with his family was concerned. A conversation with a friend from out-of-state opened Donte’s eyes to the opportunity in real estate investing. After tons of research, mastermind classes, networking and completing a few deals—Donte was able to see the  full potential of a career in real estate. 

“I wanted to build something with my own two hands that gave me the freedom to call the shots and allowed me to spend more time with my family.”

Two years later and the Soteria Investment Group is still going strong and surpassing all of Donte’s expectations. The business focuses on investing in rental properties as well as single-family and multi-family renovations projects. 

Donte’s favorite thing about what he does is being able to use his gifts to help others in very meaningful ways. Home is where the heart is, and sometimes people find themselves in situations where their home is draining them instead of being a place of refuge. Donte often deals with individuals who are wanting to get out of their fixer upper without doing the burdensome and expensive fixing, but they still want a fair price on their property and the ability to get into a home that is a better fit. That’s when it’s time to pick up the phone and ask for Donte’s assistance. 

“I love that my efforts play a part in bridging the gap for someone in a very big way. The relief that I get to see on people’s faces when I am able to find a solution for them is truly motivating for me.”

On the other side of that coin, you have people that have a good amount of capital sitting in their savings account earning marginal interest. They know what a profitable and secure investment real estate is, but they don’t have the time or desire to get in the minutia of building and managing a portfolio on their own. These folks also need to reach out to Donte to find out how they can be a private lender in a real estate translation and get a much larger return on their investment than if they continued to let their cash sit in a savings account generating 0.1% interest. 

“A huge mental block for people in real estate, other than not having in-depth knowledge of the industry, is the assumption that they can’t be successful because they don’t have the money to invest. The problem with that statement is that people always think it has to be their money.” 

Donte works hard to get people in their dream homes, but he always makes time for his own family. Donte is happily married with four adorable children. Donte loves pouring into other people, but his wife, Karissa, recently encouraged him to take up a hobby so that he could make time for himself and recharge. Fishing turned into his new favorite pastime after taking his daughter out angling for her birthday. Along with fishing, Donte loves to tweak recipes and cook for his family. 

Having a full house with four young children, Donte knew that working from home wasn’t going to be his most productive option. He needed a more professional environment than a local coffee shop could provide. but it didn’t make sense to go all in and invest in a commercial real estate property for his growing business. WorkHub was the perfect solution. The diversity of the space and knowing he has access to all the amenities without worrying about the upkeep made it an option that was too good to pass up. 

“I think it’s important to mentally disassociate from work and home, and I’m an extrovert. I get energy from being around other people. It was so valuable to me to meet certain people up here that were entrepreneurs. It cultivates this energizing environment that allows you to see other people progressing and making contributions to the community.”

Secrets to Donte’s Success

  • Set personal goals. They keep you disciplined. They keep you focused. 
  • Sometimes it’s okay to say ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do next, but I am focused on being the best I can be in the present moment and being the best of my ability.’ 
  • Network. Find people who are thriving at what you want to do and learn from them. Make sure you are doing your part to be an asset to them, as well. Maintain those relationships. 
  • Never stop learning. Donte is a life-time learner who doesn’t just use his cell phone for closing deals and snapping pictures of his beautiful family. He takes full advantage of the supercomputer in his pocket and has obtained several honorary doctorates from “YouTube University.” 
  • Be intentional in your development.  Know what information you need and know what channels to use to get your information. Know when to eat the fish and spit out the bones. Don’t get sucked into black holes and just consume data. Learn with a purpose and know how that data is going to specifically help you and help you right now. 

Donte is a great resource if you want to learn more about investing in real estate, or if you would like for him to take a troublesome property off your hands. Give him a call at 903-752-2231 to schedule some time to have a cup of coffee at WorkHub and chat about how he can help you make some extra money or get in the home of your dreams. 


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