Choosing the Right Meeting Space for Your Business Needs

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At a coworking space like WorkHub, you’ll typically see hyper-focused professionals scattered across communal tables and comfy sofas, immersed in quiet and productive solo work.

But our members don’t always work alone. In fact, some of the best ideas and accomplishments come out of our collaborative meeting and event spaces.

Need some help choosing a suitable venue for your next business meeting or corporate event? Not sure if you should book a breakout room, conference room or something much bigger?

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing your next meeting space, along with recommendations for the different meeting spaces available at WorkHub.

How many participants will there be?

Before considering different meeting venues, get a rough headcount to help inform your choice.

If you have regularly scheduled meetings with a couple of colleagues, a small breakout space like our Chat Room would be the perfect size. The comfortable, private space is a nice alternative to our more public, communal areas.

However, if you’re organizing a special event like a masterclass with 100 people, you’ll need a larger amphitheater-style space with a big screen, like our PresentationHub.

For meetings with around one or two dozen guests, more traditional conference rooms will be a better choice. At WorkHub, our conference rooms can hold between 10 and 24 participants.

How do you want to set up the meeting space?

When you hear “conference room” you might be picturing a boardroom-style table where folks at the far end can’t really see or hear someone presenting at the head of the table, much less collaborate with colleagues scattered around. But this isn’t exactly how the modern working world operates.

Flexible spaces and different seating arrangements available in coworking spaces can facilitate more collaboration and camaraderie during business meetings. At WorkHub, our different conference rooms can be set up in various styles and layouts.

For training sessions, quarterly updates and informational presentations, you might consider classroom-style seating with two-seat desks facing the presenter, as we have in Conference Room G. But these desks can easily be moved to a horseshoe configuration or into small clusters to facilitate conversation.

If you’re hosting a team retreat, brainstorming session or group huddle, consider a room with a few clusters of small-group tables, like WorkHub’s Conference Room F. This lets colleagues focus on specific projects or team-building activities. A whiteboard and presentation station also facilitate large group check-ins and idea sharing.

If you do prefer a more traditional setup for your business meeting, Conference Room D offers a comfortable boardroom-style setup that is far from stuffy. Since it’s designed for no more than 10 participants, you won’t need to shout to be heard at the other end of the table. Plus, there is a large whiteboard, presentation center and lots of table space allowing your team to spread out and work creatively.

What AV equipment will you need?

Unless you and your collaborators will just be talking or taking a pen-and-paper approach to brainstorming, you will probably need some audiovisual equipment in your meeting room.

In a conference room suited to smaller group meetings, your AV needs will typically be a TV and speakers, as well as HDMI hookups or a system for casting media between devices.

Larger conferences and more formal presentations typically require microphones, a more advanced sound system and special lighting, as well as a control system to keep everything running smoothly.

Find the perfect meeting space at WorkHub

Here’s a quick recap on our flexible meeting and event spaces you can choose from at WorkHub:

Chat Room

  • Capacity: 3 people.
  • Great for: Small informal meetings and private conversations.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, comfortable upholstered seating and small round tables.

Conference Room D

  • Capacity: 10 people.
  • Great for: Team retreats, group huddles and more formal business meetings.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, boardroom-style table and chairs, whiteboard, 55-inch screen, Apple TV, Chromecast, wireless and hard-wired HDMI.

Conference Room F

  • Capacity: 12 people.
  • Great for: Training activities, team retreats, interactive presentations and small-group brainstorming.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, clustered small-group seating and tables, whiteboard, 55-inch screen, Apple TV, Chromecast, wireless and hard-wired HDMI.

Conference Room G

  • Capacity: 24 people.
  • Great for: Presentations, team retreats, training activities and larger group meetings.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, classroom-style seating and tables, whiteboard, 65-inch screen, Apple TV, Chromecast, wireless and hard-wired HDMI.


  • Capacity: 150 people.
  • Great for: Large group retreats, corporate events, training sessions, energizing presentations, social events and media screenings.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, stadium seating with adjacent pergola lounge, comprehensive AV system with microphones, surround sound, projector and large screen.

You and your guests will have access to our flexible open hours, comfortable shared facilities and ample parking. Whether you’re planning to order in light refreshments or take advantage of our free coffee station, our hospitality team can help you figure out food and beverage planning for your next corporate event as well.

Connect with an event manager for planning assistance or schedule a tour to scope out our meeting spaces in person.


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