Benefits of Networking Events for Coworking Space Members

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Solopreneurs, members of small startups and employees of larger companies can all benefit from attending networking events and activities. At WorkHub, our programming and member-hosted events provide frequent opportunities for professionals in the Tyler, Texas area to connect and grow together.

Let’s explore the value of networking events for coworking space members — and why you might want to attend one or host your own.

Stronger sense of community

When like-minded people including entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, small businesses and satellite teams work in the same shared office space, it’s not uncommon for these busy professionals to hunker down and focus on their own projects.

However, networking events help encourage socialization. By attending networking events, you can help reduce any feelings of isolation and strengthen local community ties with other businesses. Well-organized events help build community, connect newcomers with other members and even improve company culture.

Plus, events and workshops can inject some fun into the workday! Just ask any WorkHub members who have attended our past events, like networking happy hours, yoga lessons, creative workshops, professional development talks and more. There’s nothing quite like a new hands-on craft or interactive activity to bring people together.

New business partnerships

Coworking spaces are populated with folks from a variety of industries who possess a range of unique skills. Getting to know fellow coworking peers at networking events can lead to collaborations and even new business.

For instance, a graphic design group might be able to lend their services to a recruiting agency looking to rebrand — and the recruiters may help the design firm attract new creatives and grow their team. You never know who you’ll meet or how you might be able to work together!

Even if you don’t end up working directly with other members of your coworking space, having access to their networks can also be advantageous. If you’re looking to solve a particular challenge or find a specific business partner, that can be a great icebreaker topic for a networking event. Ask others to recommend local vendors, job seekers and trusted partners and see where the conversation leads.

Professional development events

At WorkHub, our members frequently attend “lunch and learn” sessions and workshops that cover topics like marketing, accounting, business insurance, accessing capital and more.

These events can supplement your regular training curriculum and can provide unique networking opportunities. If you’re in the same room with other professionals looking to grow in the same area, you can exchange resources, brainstorm ideas and gather quick feedback. You can even attend sessions that cover networking best practices so you’re ready to mix and mingle like a pro!

Networking events for coworking space members can also benefit students who are part of the community. A student who holds their own coworking membership can use their coworking network to expand their knowledge base and set up informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities.

Employment opportunities

When it comes time to begin the job search, student members can seek out internships and employment opportunities within the community — or through industry connections beyond it. Likewise, emerging and experienced professionals can draw on their coworking network when they’re ready to advance or enter a new industry.

On the other hand, if a coworking member is seeking a new addition to their team, they can spread word to other community members and promote the open role during networking events. It can be helpful to invite members to circulate the news throughout their own professional networks. This may help speed up the hiring process and attract new members into the coworking community.

Access to shared resources

If you’re part of a coworking community, you don’t need much to pull off successful networking events on your own. In addition to a shared workspace and communal business resources to support your on-the-job activities, you’ll also have access to event-ready meeting rooms and hospitality support.

At WorkHub, members interested in hosting an event can reserve conference rooms for up to two dozen participants — as well as our PresentationHub. With a 150-person capacity, it’s complete with a large screen and projector, stadium-style seating and an indoor pergola garden. There’s also a coffee shop-style hospitality center which is perfect for caffeinated coworking events and can seamlessly switch over to after-hours activities.

Expand your network at WorkHub

Participating in events at WorkHub is a great way to build your network and connect with other Tyler, Texas professionals.

Current members — Have some coworking event ideas of your own? Let us know and we can help you plan your next networking event!

Newcomers — connect with us to schedule a tour of WorkHub and see what working (and networking) at our 32,000 square foot shared office is like!

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