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Meet Rebecca Sellers of Susan G. Komen of Greater Central and East Texas! Rebecca serves as the Community Development Manager for East Texas. Typically, when you hear about Susan G. Komen, you think of their events—Race for the Cure, now the More than Pink Walk. They really are so much more than that. After the funds from those events are raised, the rest of her job is basically to save as many lives as she possibly can by raising awareness about breast cancer and making sure medical providers get the grants and funding they need to orchestrate preventative cancer screenings—like mammograms. Rebecca proudly serves in the East Texas Area, but the rest of her team is based in Austin. Rebecca could work from home, or a coffee shop, or anywhere, really. We are so thrilled that WorkHub is her shared workspace of choice.

Rebecca is originally from Kansas. She moved to good, ol’ East Texas almost three years ago for a position with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that was right in line with her education and background. Rebecca has her Master’s in Educational Psychology from Wichita State University and had spent the last 14 years working at various museums, national parks and aquariums as the educational master of ceremonies for various groups when her organization would host an event or field trip. She eventually moved away from that role and got into grant writing, fundraising and event coordination. 

All this experience gained from previous roles made the transition to Community Development Manager an easy one. Besides doing fundraising and getting corporate sponsors for the More than Pink Walk, Rebecca also finds medical providers that want to partner up with Susan G. Komen to provide services. Rebecca then assists the providers in getting the funding they need to make the cancer screenings happen. 

“There is a wall at our headquarters in Dallas that says ‘Someone lived because of the work that you do.’ I may not be the medical professional administering  the mammograms, but because of the work that we do at Susan G. Komen, medical providers received funding to provide over 1,400 mammograms in East Texas last year.”

One of her favorite things about her job is getting to hear the touching stories of those affected  by breast cancer. Rebecca says there is an instant connection with the survivors and friends and family members of women impacted by breast cancer. She often meets women who bravely share their stories whether they be on the board of directors for Susan G. Komen or women giving testimonials who caught their cancer early because of the diagnostic screenings that Susan G. Komen is able to make happen. 

“At last year’s walk, a woman had said that she got her mammogram solely because our event took place right by her house. She came out and got more information about what we were doing and it spurred her to go get a mammogram that revealed she had cancer. She told us she didn’t know if she would have felt drawn to get that screening if she hadn’t seen our event.”

Susan G. Komen also does education services. Rebecca would love to be a presence at your next company health fair, or in-service meeting to raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of early detection and screenings. She encourages women to get mammograms and also educates them on the resources available to them if they are low-income or uninsured. Susan G Komen makes it to where cost is no longer a barrier to receiving a diagnostic test that could save your life.

Sunny Sellers, newest addition to the fam

One of the reasons Rebecca chooses WorkHub as her coworking space is the fact that it still allows her a physical space to go to since her team’s headquarters is 4 hours away in Austin. She also loves the fact that the staff is amazing, her dishes magically disappear into the dishwasher if she leaves them in the sink and there is a “just in case” nap room that she has never used but likes the fact that it exists (in case any nap-related emergencies arise.) I hear Rebecca is also championing for a “Bring your Dog to Work” Day so that she can introduce her sweet, new, rescue pup—Sunny.


“I appreciate the atmosphere at WorkHub. The decor really fits my personality, and it’s professional while still being comfortable and casual.”

Life beyond work is pure joy when Rebecca can go on adventures with her daughter and husband. Rebecca’s love for nature makes her a huge fan of hiking and road trips. Making the move from Kansas to Texas has really shifted her perspective on what constitutes a “long drive.” When you can drive ten hours and still be in Texas, the thought of a few days in the car stops being a big deal. Her favorite trip has been a family getaway to North Dakota. This summer, she and her family plan to visit Disneyland in Anaheim. 

“I love to show my daughter the world. It’s amazing to experience things through her.”

Rebecca’s famous sugar cookies

Rebecca is also a hobby enthusiast. What hobbies, you ask? All of them!!! She loves learning new things and trying them once and moving on to the next one on her list. Her tried and true pastime is baking. She loves a good sugar cookie and claims that her recipe is the very best. I bet she can be coerced to bring some of these beauties to WorkHub if you guys try hard enough. There was no mention of the recipe being a family secret, so she might even share it with you if you ask nicely…

Rebecca carries herself with great poise and radiates kindness, care and authenticity. She is sure to be a blessing to all she meets, and I have a feeling that people will be benefiting from her compassion for years to come. Thank you for everything you do to increase the survival rate for people affected by breast cancer, and thank you for choosing to make WorkHub your shared workspace for nonprofits! 



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