Photo by Kat Vann Hammers

Sara McCaslin of McCaslin Wordsmithing is known for her brilliant brain, her writing skills, her vast knowledge of missionaries and her Facebook famous feline, Xena. The bulk of her time is spent head down, fingers clicking furiously across her keyboard doing various freelance writing projects. We are honored that she chooses to do the bulk of her freelance writing here at WorkHub.

Sara spent her childhood dreaming of becoming a preacher and practiced her sermons on her faithful, stuffed animal congregation. She saved a lot of cotton-filled souls with only Friendship Bear left hanging in the balance. She still has hope that he’ll turn his life around… Sara hasn’t given up on him or her dreams of preaching.

Sara’s foray into freelance writing started as a side gig. She took odd jobs between teaching engineering classes at the local university. She was a bit surprised by the amount of gratification she got from submerging herself in the occasional writing request. The flexibility of freelancing really came in handy when some health issues surfaced in Sara’s immediate family. The new career path allowed her to spend some much-needed time with those near and dear to her. After that, she was hooked.

“When my mother passed away, it forced me to put my life into perspective. Working a 9–5, I was under so much stress. I don’t make the money that I made as a college professor, but at a certain point you have to evaluate all aspects of your life. Is the pay you’re receiving worth the stress of the job? Is the time you’re committing to the job worth the time you’re losing in your personal life?”

Sara has a special gift in her writing. She is a talented wordsmith with this amazingly vast, technical knowledge that her engineering background has afforded her. One of her favorite things about what she does is the diversity of the topics that she is asked to write about.

“I may start my day writing a blog post about electrical connectors for agricultural equipment or cybersecurity issues that have been discovered in weapon systems or driveshafts for Final Drive Motors. I love the variety.”

One of Sara’s passions is that she loves researching the lives of missionaries—past and present. Sara does weekly presentations where she shares her findings with the residents of Atria Willow Park Senior Living. This tradition started when Sara would visit her ailing sister and mother and read them stories of missionaries around the world.  This also inspired Sara to write her first book. You can find your very own copy of Through Him: The Hand of God in the Lives of His Servants on Amazon.

“In order to edit my book, I read it out loud to my mother in the nursing home. She was in and out, but she liked it. I could tell by her reactions. I would get very animated when reading and a dear, older lady who rarely said anything and happened to be in the room shouted ‘Hallelujah!!’

Here is some of Sara’s advice to other freelancers and/or entrepreneurs out there.

“Sometimes clients are not a good fit for your business. A client wanted me to do some preliminary work for them to see if I was a fit and absolutely everything I did was not what they wanted. I had to reach out to them and direct them to someone else who could better meet their needs as an organization. It took me a while to learn that lesson.

Don’t underestimate what you have to offer. Some jobs, I have submitted proposals for and then thought ‘can I really do this?’ Well if you have the background and if you have the ability, don’t underestimate what you’re capable of. Don’t limit yourself unnecessarily. There is an element of fear in that. Fear of failure. But we never know what we can truly do unless we take those risks.”

If you would like to contact Sara about her skills and get her to spin you some amazingly technical and intriguing content, head to the McCaslin Wordsmithing website. Contact her to schedule some time to come to WorkHub to walk some laps around the track and dish about how you can collaborate.