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Courtney Tarrant, Founder & CEO of Courtney Tarrant Media, is a powerhouse entrepreneur who can also be described as a walking, talking, breathing beam of sunshine.  She radiates positivity and self assurance when she walks into a room. She is an avid world traveler. She loves animals. She operates a business that has experienced a 400% revenue increase in the last year because of her proficiency in developing and executing Facebook Ads for her clients. She has been calling WorkHub her remote home office since the doors opened almost two years ago. 

Courtney had an interesting exposure to Corporate America thanks to a highly sought after internship she snagged while working on her undergrad studies at the University of Texas at Tyler. Compassion International had a 0.1% intern acceptance rate and were implementing a type of program called ROWE, which stands for ‘Results Only Work Environment.’ This program fostered a kind of work rewards system that was based solely on results, not being anchored to a desk for a set amount of time. 

“I realized that Corporate America has it all wrong. I was never going to fit into that typical 9-5 model. I was never going to be successful in that after I had the opportunity to experience so much freedom so early in my career. I knew I was destined to go down a different path.”

After that, Courtney decided to try her hand at a teaching career. Of course, this was also not done in the traditional sense. Courtney dove headfirst into teaching in an impoverished neighborhood in Spain with children who barely understood English when she had little knowledge of the Spanish language. This experience allowed Courtney to swiftly scratch teaching off her list of possible career options. Unsafe neighborhoods, hostile students, rigid schedules, language barriers… all not tolerable enough to make the summers off and international living worth the struggle. Courtney remained in Spain and enlisted herself in a work exchange program called Help Exchange where she worked so many hours a day in exchange for food and housing. She learned to weave baskets and bake bread for extra spending money and carried on to France and Scotland. She received constant reinforcement that while teaching was not for her, this lifestyle revolving around freedom definitely was. 

“I just couldn’t let go of the idea that I could structure my entire life in a way that is beneficial to me and not just live for those 8 weeks off during the summer that a teaching career would afford me.” 

Machu Picchu, Peru

Courtney has been to every continent in the world with the exception of Australia and Antarctica. Her love for travel began in high school when she played on an international volleyball team that sent her bumpin’, settin’, and spikin’ all the way to Holland at the young age of 16. After that she was hooked. In the last year, Courntey has still managed to travel to Peru, Hong Kong, Mexico and hop all over the U.S. while experiencing unprecedented growth in her business. This lady can do it all, y’all. If I could only pick one thing that I admire deeply about Courtney, it would be her uncompromising belief that she can create the life of her wildest dreams based on her abilities. I have to tell you, she made me a believer. 




One of her most impactful travel experiences was living in a small, self-sustaining ecovillage in Spain. She dwelled with doctors and professors and lawyers, people with varying education levels and careers, who rejected tradition and embraced a lifestyle that could be supported on $2,000 a year. There, Courtney got to live with individuals who had the courage to rebuff the status quo to live in a way that inspired passion and true happiness. That experience reinforced her to have the moxie to say ‘this is what I want. This is what makes me happy, and it’s okay that it makes you uncomfortable.’


Tarrant Ranch

Another great thing about Courtney is her heart for animals—namely dogs. She is an active volunteer with the SPCA and fosters pups who need some love between being rescued and finding their forever home. Courtney has three fur babies of her own who frolic around the 3,000 acre ranch that Courtney’s husband, Will, operates. Courtney has some crazy stories about the wildlife they deal with out on Tarrant Ranch in Bullard.


Let’s talk about the nitty gritty of Courtney Tarrant Media. Currently, her business is entirely focused on Facebook and Instagram Ads. She has built her business and experienced amazing success and growth by providing her clients with smoking hot leads by crafting captivating ads on Instagram and Facebook. She currently has clients around the world and has expanded her staff to support the phenomenal growth in the last year.

“Social media changes so quickly that I’m never bored. I like that I’m constantly challenged, but I also have this freedom and flexibility to live my life the way that I want. I don’t want to spend my time building an empire for someone else—I would rather build it for myself.”

One of the biggest business challenges Courtney has faced as an entrepreneur is wanting to grow in a way that still allows her to have freedom and find joy in what she does. Sustainable growth is clutch. Knowing your limitations is invaluable. Sometimes you have to say no to taking on new clients because there are only so many hours in the day and there’s only so much work that one person can do. 

“Sometimes we get in our own way. We take away opportunities that would allow us to become the people that we deserve to be. If we all created our lives with more intentionality we would be able to give so much more back to the world because we’ve created something that we truly love and enjoy.”   

When Courtney finds herself needing some development and inspiration, she likes to read and listen to podcasts. If you are looking for some inspirational books to add to your nightstand, here are some recommendations from Courtney: Get Rich, Lucky Bitch!, Chillprenuer, and Everything is Figureoutable. More of a podcaster? Check out these podcasts Courtney recommends on marketing and social media: Perpetual Traffic, The Science of Social Media, and Marie Forleo.

Courtney Tarrant lives a completely unapologetic life that is full of adventure, joy, determination and hard (but absolutely fulfilling) work. If you ever want to swap travel stories, Courtney can typically be found working her magic with her fellow coworkers at her dedicated desk at WorkHub. If you are needing a social media ads expert to take your business to the next level, you can book an introductory call with Courtney by visiting CourtneyTarrant.com



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