A Coworking Event Planning Guide for Agile Businesses

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Plenty of coworking events allow hardworking professionals to kick back and relax, try something new and just have a little fun. Charcuterie board design classes, popup barbershops, laser engraving craft workshops — we've done them all!

But there are other instances where a coworking event can fit squarely within an innovative business strategy. This is especially true for agile businesses, which embrace continuous learning, forward motion and community cohesion.

That's why we've compiled a quick coworking event planning guide for agile businesses. Read on to learn more about what these types of teams do differently and how you can join the movement within a dynamic coworking space like WorkHub.

5 hallmarks of an agile business

McKinsey has noted a shift in how the most innovative companies operate. According to the consulting firm's findings, organizations following the new paradigm no longer view the company as a "machine" but as a "living organism."

McKinsey explains that these agile businesses exhibit the following five habits:

  1. Operating from a shared strategic vision wherein flexible resourcing allows teams to identify and seize new opportunities.
  2. Adopting a flat organizational structure with an ecosystem of empowered teams.
  3. Adopting action-oriented processes, where continuous learning and rapid iteration are supported.
  4. Cultivating entrepreneurial, cohesive communities that bring out the best in all team members.
  5. Embracing evolving technologies, systems and tools that support growth.

How coworking facilitates agile business practices

The cubicles and closed-door spaces found in a traditional office setting simply aren't designed to support agile operations. They encourage sameness, not newness; separateness, not togetherness; rigidity, not adaptability. For this reason, professionals eager to launch or grow a business often choose to work within a coworking space to support their unique needs and agile habits.

Within a coworking community like WorkHub in Tyler, Texas, start-ups and established companies share business resources and amenities to promote lightweight, lower-cost operations. Varied desk arrangements enable flexible human resourcing and place the emphasis on the shared vision rather than a rigid hierarchy. Additionally, the community-oriented nature of a coworking arrangement brings like-minded people together and spurs creativity and collaboration.

3 coworking event ideas for agile businesses

Coworking can be a real game-changer for teams looking to adopt and act on an agile mentality.

Here is a quick coworking event planning guide for agile businesses looking to take advantage of all that the coworking industry and community has to offer:

1. Outsource professional development to the coworking community

Agile companies in a coworking space can partner with other community members for training and professional development. This can be done through member events and regular programing, or through jointly hosted sessions held during the work day. A host company can invite members to present or attend to add a new flavor to the info session or training program.

Outsourcing key training modules through guest speakers, workshops, expert seminars, webinars and other similar events promotes an agile company's desire for continuous learning. At WorkHub, we often partner with members and industry leaders in our expansive network to bring best-in-class programming to the entire coworking community. By drawing on the differing areas of expertise and industry insights of other professionals, our members can enhance and diversify their own staff training experiences.

2. Identify and create new networking opportunities

The rich and varied coworking events and professional development activities offered at WorkHub tend to attract new members who seek like-minded collaborators and new enrichment opportunities. Savvy professionals can take advantage of this dynamic community by planning events where everyone's paths can cross.

Go beyond just attending an event and consider hosting a networking event, happy hour or brainstorming session around a particular theme or topic. Ask a few community members to join you for an informal, casual conversation at the coffee hub to bounce some ideas around or get fresh perspectives on industry news. Or, organize an "unconference" wherein sessions are led by group participants rather than individual speakers.

These events emphasize the flat organization structure and encourage professionals across roles, industries and experience levels to exchange ideas. The global coworking community has embraced these types of event ideas. Large meeting spaces and conference rooms, along with the support of a friendly community manager help ensure event success rates.

3. Amplify your brand through promotional events

In addition to supporting employee training needs and helping you expand your network, coworking events can build brand awareness, promote specific goods or services and carry your thought leadership to new audiences.

Coworking peers are always curious to learn about ongoing projects and eager to celebrate milestones with other passionate professionals. Consider arranging a launch event to share a new product or service. Lead a discussion panel or masterclass to discuss industry developments and how your business is meeting the evolving needs of the market. 

And don't feel limited to traditional corporate event templates. In a dynamic coworking environment with a variety of flexible spaces like WorkHub, the sky's the limit when it comes to making your next event special and memorable.

Become a part of WorkHub's agile coworking community

If you have questions about starting or running an agile business within a coworking community, WorkHub is here to help! You can read about some of our innovative community members on our blog to find out how coworking helps support their business needs.

Ready to take the next step for your own company? Schedule a tour of our space in Tyler, Texas to see our different work environments, private offices, conference rooms and more.


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